Thursday, September 17, 2015

Livro: Walking back the cat (em inglês)

Oferecido por MB para ajuda aos nossos animais
Livro em inglês
Preço - 3 euros + portes

1. Walking back the cat - Robert Littel

'Walking Back the Cat' is an unusually riveting and exotic post-Cold War thriller from a master of the espionage genre. A Soviet-era KGB agent code named Parsifal lives under deep cover in a western American town. A specialist in what the KGB describes as 'wetwork' and the rest of the world calls murder, Parsifal discovers that he has come under the orders of a new Resident - one who is preparing an operation that will shake the world. Into this cauldron of chaos comes Finn, a young veteran of the Gulf War, hoping against hope to land in a backwater where he can put the savagery he has witnessed in the desert behind him. Two incarnations of pure violence, Parsifal and Finn careen head on into each other when Finn discovers that someone is shaking down an Apache gambling casino, and Parsifal receieves instructions to kill him (fonte: livraria cultura)

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